LiveScore is a PHP application written in Phalcon which provides a live scoring system to a sporting competition, designed for Intervarsity Competitions.

Lancaster is a collegiate university, and the majority of the colleges have competitions with multiple sports. Historically, no one has known the scores for each sport and subsequently the overall score.

Front End

LiveScore Landing Page

LiveScore is designed to be a standalone site, with ahis way, the hosts can keep their brand identity when publishing their scores. The scoring page consists of the overall score, separated by two different team colours, and two different progress bars which indicate each team’s progress to winning the competition. Below this, two buttons bring users to the list of event scores and the timetable. Finally, the front page consists of a series of live updates which are displayed as they are updated. As I rushed to finish the project, I was unable to implement the websocket functionality I intended to, but I intend to do this in the future.

The event scores section simply contains a list of event scores. Each score is highlighted in the colours of the winning team, or black if the event ended in a draw. It is contained within a scrollable container and event scores are only shown here when the score is added to the control screen.

LiveScore Event Results

Twinned with this comes the timetable, which contains a list of events, times and dates and locations, as well as the points that the event is worth to the overall score.

Back End

As well as a embeddable front end, LiveScore has a backend to allow the event organisers to update the list of events, scores and live updates. Each stakeholder has an e mail addresses and password to log in to the system.

Once the user has logged in, they are presented with the Dashboard. This contains some quick access buttons to allow the user to swiftly get to where they need to, some site stats (which are to be implemented soon) and a list of upcoming sports in the next few hours. I also hardcoded some site instructions, which I will soon be putting in a modal and can be dismissed or shown when the user needs to see them.