Earlier this year, I returned from the United States having been teaching photography and videography at Camp Takajo.


It’s been three weeks since I arrived at Camp Takajo. Since then, I’ve been a little busy and the ambitious “one blogpost and video per week” went out the window fairly quickly. Nonetheless, I’ve been having a pretty great time.


After arriving, the new counsellors were given an orientation, providing us with an insight into working with children, laws in Maine and a series of excellent talks. We were also orientated around in our activities and our age groups. Here’s a video I made for Camp Takajo of the preseason training.

Subsequently, the kids arrived. Before this, we unpacked hundreds of bags to make the bunks feel more homely for the guys. The kids arrived on American school buses and Jeff was there to greet them, as usual. The event was brilliant, and the buildup to it was justified. Here’s the video I made for Camp Takajo.


The next “big” event that happened was me going Tubing! ‘Tubing’ is awesome, and basically involves rubber rings on a lazy river. It was pretty cool: video will be released soon.

Then came Brother and Sister day. Tripp Lake camp (a girls camp) is fifteen minutes away and is also owned by the owners of Camp Takajo (a boys camp) so all the boy’s sisters and cousins arrive at Takajo every Sunday for brothers and sisters day. Here’s the video I made for Camp Takajo.


Finally, I had the absolute pleasure of spending July 4th in the United States. Camp Takajo joins the Naples parade and then gets the Songo River Queen back to the camp via the lake. The event ends in a beach party at Takajo. Again, here’s the video.