Wow. What can I say? I had no idea this area of Exmoor, or indeed the entire country, was this beautiful.

Jess and I headed down to Illfracombe, a quaint British seaside town just to the West of Exmoor National Park. We had a wonder round (it wasn’t anything special) and then decided to find a campsite. As we drove through the country lanes, a sign reading “Pitches: £13” was on the side of the road. We headed in to Watermouth Valley Camping Park and oh boy were we impressed.

We were shown around, including a brand new (and quite flash) toilet block. We pitched up with the entrance to Alfie facing the ocean. It was absolutely stunning.

From here, we headed along the costal path and then down several hundred steps to arrive at Watermouth Cove. This was truly one of the most awe-inspiring places in the UK. Tucked away in tree-covered cliffs, the cove boasts three sandy beaches and is shut off from the rest of the country without the steps leading down the side of the cliffs.

The beach only had a few people on, and the water had a few kayakers, so we set up shop and I flew the drone up to have an explore. I was stunned.

From the air, I could see just how Jurassic this place was. I’ve not been to many places in the UK with gorgeous, thick trees filling the cliffs up and such clear sea water.

I’d already firmly decided at this point that Kayaking was tomorrow’s activity. I’d also had a quick gander on Sky Guide to see where the sun was going to set – conveniently in view from the beach.